aradaina gorge1

This fabulous gorge is located in the region of Sfakia. It is situated at the southern slopes of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) from Aradena village at 750 meters to the small beach of Marmara (a beautiful little beach to the west of Loutro). The Aradena Gorge is one of the neighbors from the famous Samaria gorge. This gorge is for hikers that prefer a peaceful walk instead of being with a 2000 other walking fans in Samaria. Generally, the Aradena gorge is quite relaxed but is not for people without any walking experience. Many passages require a good deal of surefootedness, especially if you are walking downwards. Also, in the past the walk through the gorge used to be considered difficult because of a high passage in the upper part of the gorge which had to be negotiated with a rope. About 10 years ago a solid metal ladder (famous ladder of Aradena) was attached to the cliff instead of the rope, making the passage easy - as long as you do not suffer from fear of heights (it is about 10-12 meters high). Three years ago, a path was built which avoids the ladders and makes it a little bit more comfortable for people with fear of heights. But beware; although this new path has a handrail it is not appropriate if you suffer from vertigo. Near the end of the path the Aradaina bridge crossing the gorge. It is 138 meters high and the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece and the second highest in Europe.


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