Gorge Excursions

Sfakia Tours now offers you the opportunity to visit the three most visited gorges on Crete, Samaria gorge, Imbros

gorge and Aradena gorge. We provide transportation directly from Chora Sfakion to the gorges, up to 8 persons per group,

for more contacts you can visit our office in the center of the village, or call 0030 6974747827.

Samarai Gorge Imbors Gorge Aradena Gorge
Samaria Gorge1 Imbros Gorge aradaina gorge
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samaria gorge01
Part of the gorge
One of the most famous places to see on Crete is the Samaria Gorge, Europe’s largest gorge.  This National Park is 18kms long with unbelievable natural beauty. The gorge is rich with many endemic flowers & herbs with crystal clear spring water flowing from the mountains. – you can even refill your water bottles with it! 

The average walking time through the Samaria gorge is 4-6 hours & is on a foot path with rocks & along the river bed. It is mostly downhill (particularly steep in the beginning) & then the final part is in the sun. Agia Roumeli village is where the walk ends & you can enjoy a swim in the Libyan Sea or have lunch one of the many tavernas. From here there is a ferry that takes you to Sougia, where the coach is waiting for you at the harbour & you drive back over the mountains to the north coast to the place where you were picked up.

The guide on the trip will give you information on the coach & you are free to walk at your own pace. The guide follows to ensure everyone comes out at the end & he/she is there if you need assistance. The guide tells you where to meet at the bottom & it is a hassle free trip. 

Itinerary - The trip starts with an early pick up from the arranged point (between 05.30 -06.30) and drive through the mountains passing the plateau of Omalos to the wooden stairs at the start of the gorge Arrival at  approx. 07.30
- You have the choice to start the walk straight away or you can get a coffee/  breakfast at the taverna before you start the walk.
- You should start the walk at around 8am.
-The walk should take at least 6-7 hours (if walk slowly & look around to enjoy)
- Once finished, ample time for a swim in the Lybian Sea & have lunch at a taverna in Agia Roumeli
- Meet the guide to collect ferry tickets.(the guide will tell you where & at what time)

  If you suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure, breathing problems, weakness of knees or other knee disorders, vertigo, or pregnant women- THE SAMARIA GORGE IS OFF LIMITS TO YOU, for your own safety! This is not an easy walk. It’s 12miles/18kms of sometimes very steep and rough terrain. The heat is also a factor that you must keep in mind.

samaria gorge03



samaria gorge02

Agia Roumeli -  The finish line

Crossing the riverbed in June.

imbros gorge

Some people consider Imbros the smaller, but untamed brother of Samaria gorge, equally impressive, without that much hard work to cross it!
Journeying westwards along the islands coastal roads, passing Rethymnon, we turn to the south, through the mountains with their majestic and fantastic views, through small and forgotten villages, off the tourists trail.

Just 7kms long, you'll be rambling through orange groves and picturesque countryside. Especially in springtime the vast array of flowers and herbs, clinging to the sheer rockfaces, winding ravines and dry riverbeds, is quite spectacular.

Then we carry on, moving down the beautiful southern coast road, passing Frangokastello, with it's impressive Venetian fortress standing proudly on the volcanic black (!) sandy beach, surrounded by bright blue waters. Lots and lots of spectacular views on the way to the sandy beaches of Plakias, our next and last stop. Time for you to do whatever you like to do at the beach. Wear walking shoes or trainers, no sandals (!), a sun hat, bring a bottle of water, maybe a snack and don't you forget your camera!

The Imbros Gorge is named after the village of Imbros, which is located on its north side, at its beginning. According to tradition, the name given to the village of Imbros by two brothers Greeks who went to live there because they were evicted from Imbros, when it was ceded to the Turks.

For many years in the past, the Imbros Gorge was part of the route that linked the city of Chania with the Chora of Sfakion. Interesting fact is that during the Second World War, and after the defeat of the Greeks and their allies in the battle of Crete, thousands of British soldiers crossed the Imbros Gorge towards South Crete to reach Egypt.

Let us take you away from the hustle and bustle of resort life to a rugged and untamed part of Crete.

aradaina gorge1

This fabulous gorge is located in the region of Sfakia. It is situated at the southern slopes of the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) from Aradena village at 750 meters to the small beach of Marmara (a beautiful little beach to the west of Loutro). The Aradena Gorge is one of the neighbors from the famous Samaria gorge. This gorge is for hikers that prefer a peaceful walk instead of being with a 2000 other walking fans in Samaria. Generally, the Aradena gorge is quite relaxed but is not for people without any walking experience. Many passages require a good deal of surefootedness, especially if you are walking downwards. Also, in the past the walk through the gorge used to be considered difficult because of a high passage in the upper part of the gorge which had to be negotiated with a rope. About 10 years ago a solid metal ladder (famous ladder of Aradena) was attached to the cliff instead of the rope, making the passage easy - as long as you do not suffer from fear of heights (it is about 10-12 meters high). Three years ago, a path was built which avoids the ladders and makes it a little bit more comfortable for people with fear of heights. But beware; although this new path has a handrail it is not appropriate if you suffer from vertigo. Near the end of the path the Aradaina bridge crossing the gorge. It is 138 meters high and the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece and the second highest in Europe.


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